Why Walt Disney World was an awesome first family vacation

In January 2014 we took our first family vacation – ever. I’m not going to talk about the flight delays, and the temper tantrums, and all that normal stuff you expect when travelling with kids…  I’m going to talk about how Walt Disney World, is REALLY the most magical place on earth and was an amazing testing ground for travelling the first time as a family.

Reason 1

Our son was 4 years old and our daughter was 2 at the time of our trip.  While many people would suggest waiting a bit longer until a first trip to WDW, they are not calculating the Magic factor into the equation.  At 4 years and 2 years old, the concept of what is make-believe and what is reality hasn’t yet set in on child’s imagination.  Every character we met along the way was therefore the ‘real’ Mickey, Donald, Ariel, or Jasmine…  The Cast Members are incredibly well-schooled about the characters they portray, which adds to the magic even more.  For example, our 2 year old daughter asked Rapunzel why she was wearing shoes, and without skipping a beat, Rapunzel whispered to her that usually she prefers being barefoot, but because this was a fancy place, and she was meeting a lot of guests, she felt it would be polite to wear her shoes!

Reason 2

It may seem obvious – but everything is family oriented.  Getting back to those tantrums mentioned above, no one will look at you strangely while your child is having a public meltdown, because most people have children with them.

Reason 3

Even when the weather is bad – There is so much to see and do!  Most attractions and queues are covered or indoors for both the heat and inclement weather, so even on the rainiest of days, you really only get wet while walking from one attraction to another.

Reason 4

All on-site accommodations also have kids in mind, and bedrails/cribs are readily available, not to mention amazing theming based on Disney movies and characters.  We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort, and the kids loved being able to see what the ocean looks like from Nemo’s perspective and to pose with their favourite characters from Cars.  The on-site kid-focused pools and play areas which is great when your little one needs a break from the excitement of the parks.  And, if you’re staying on-site, you don’t have to worry about lugging your carseats with you as transportation to and from the hotel to the airport is provided and of course, to and from the parks.

Reason 5

No one will look at you funny for showing “your Disney Side”.  It’s fun to get a high-five from Donald and a cuddle from Winnie the Pooh, not to mention visiting Pixie Hollow, and seeing the Muppets in action at their theatre.  All those kids’ tunes that you have to play incessantly in the car – now knowing all the lyrics to “Talk like a Pirate” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates will make you kids look at you like you’re a Rockstar!

Hoping your trip will be just as magical as ours!