The Site

So here’s the deal…  We don’t pretend to be Walt Disney World experts, we’ve been twice (albeit, in two years).  It’s clear from our site, that we’ve caught the Disney bug, and have even become DVC members along the way.  That’s the point of this blog – a record of our experiences both good and bad, and all the little steps along the way as we’re discovering what it means to us to be Disney Vacation Club Members.  Come along with us for all those amazing moments and the times where we’re left scratching our heads going ‘huh?’…

We we are

We’re an average Canadian Family.  Mom, Dad, big brother, little sister, and an awesomely cuddly puppy.  Mom and Dad both work full-time, juggling daycare drop-offs and pick-ups, work deadlines, homework and kids activities.  One thing that we’re sure about though, is that we LOVE spending time together as a family, LOVE to cheer each other on, and LOVE to discover new things together!