Vegas baby!

I’ll admit to it – I’m an overprotective parent.  Like most people, my family is the most important thing in the world to me.  I want my kids to feel safe, and want them to be able to ‘be’ kids for as long as they can.  This might explain my new found love for everything Disney – on a Disney vacation, everyone is ‘allowed’ to be in awe of the Disney magic, attention to detail, and just be a kid.

The thing is, I’ve never been away from my kids who are now ages 6 and 4, save for a few sleepovers at their grandparents’ houses (5 minutes away).  My husband travels often for business, which has its pros and cons.  He’s been around the world on these trips, sometimes for a few weeks at a time.  But while he was away, he could sleep sound knowing I was holding down the fort with the kids.

A few months ago, our best friends mentioned that they were starting to look into a trip out to Vegas, and would we like to join them?  These are also our friends that we took our first family vacation with – and as you might of read in another post, it was to WDW.  Both the hubbies had been to Vegas on numerous occasions for trade shows; but neither my girlfriend nor I have been.  The larger question for me was, how would I feel comfortable being away from my kids?!?

Got on the phone with my sister and her husband who had joined us on our last Disney trip, and asked if they would be will to watch the kids for the week-end…  Of course they would!  They will be driving in the night before we leave, and spending the week-end in our house with the kids.

I’ve got to give it to my hubby.  He knows my love of travel planning and figured out that the best way to get interested in a trip to Las Vegas would be to set me off on a planning quest.  He outlined a few of his favourite hotels – The Cosmopolitan, The Mirage, The Hard Rock Hotel, Aria, The Linq and the Mandalay Bay, and suggested I check them out.  It was a toss-up between the Mandalay Bay and the Mirage with the Mirage winning out.  I liked the proximity to the centre of the strip and the entertainment options in the hotel and near-by.

With the hotel decided upon and travel dates fixed, we booked our flights.  We’ll be 3 couples travelling together and managed to all get on the same flight!

Then it was planning the particulars.  We set up a n on-going group message on Facebook between us and my husband set-up a Trello board to help with the planning.  First was to look into the shows – Cirque du Soleil won that category, despite all of us being from Montreal.  However, some of us had different interests and price points.  In the end, two of the couples will be going to Ka and the other will be seeing O.

Next we decided that we would meet up for at least one meal per day during the trip.  Each couple would pick a meal.  We’ve decided on the Gordon Ramsey restaurant as our option; one couple picked Chayo at the Linq, and the 3rd couple picked a brunch for our last day.

As far as activities, some of us have ATVs and hiking planned and others have shopping and pool lounging on the agenda.  We’ve left ourselves a lot of openings on the schedule, because what we all need more than anything else is down-time!

I know I’m going to miss my kids like crazy – but a short trip like this will keep me from going crazy!  As one of my friends pointed out, mom’s need our batteries recharged from time to time too; and this will make me an even better Momma Bear!

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